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Environment and Sustainability

In today’s world of heightened ecological awareness and scarcity of raw materials, sustainability in the sense of a long-term and conscientious approach to resource usage is gaining ever-greater importance.

GSB has always assumed ecological responsibility and dedicated itself to ensuring the safety of its products and processes for people as well as the environment. With this in mind, we exclusively approve coating and pretreatment materials that do not contain any components subject to the labelling requirement.

The aim of building certification systems for sustainable construction (DGNB, BREEF, LEED) is to „plan, operate and use the built environment to the benefit of all in such a way as to protect the interests of future generations – and to do so as far as possible without limiting the interests of the today’s generation” (source:

GSB International not only helps to further this environmentally conscious approach, but has set out to continue down this path in the context of the European chemicals regulation, REACH. Ensuring a sustainable future for the construction industry.