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GSB International –
assured quality, perfect surfaces.

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History and tasks

GSB International defines standards of quality for the area of aluminium and steel coating – all across Europe. This becomes clear by taking a look at the map of GSB member states.

At the end of November 1976 30 participants representing 23 companies convened for an inaugural meeting in Munich with the aim of founding a quality association for the coating of components. A founding commission comprised of 12 individuals was subsequently established. A trade journal designated this quality association the „Coating Brotherhood”. They set out to prevent poor quality from ruining the young and still-blossoming market and save coating from falling victim to a bad reputation. The goal was to achieve optimisation rather than maximisation of requirements for coating processes and foster consistent improvements in coating quality.

GSB currently has 160 members across 25 countries – and our numbers are growing. We work together with international partners and testing institutes, including those in Greece, the Czech Republic and Austria. In order to incorporate international members, GSB maintains international networks and offers training courses in English.


Founding commision of GSB International 1977

Hans Birtel, Dr. Ludwig Bosdorf, Dr. Helmut Dölling, Harald Knufinke, Erich Schunter, Winfried Süss, Klaus Stahl, Dr. Fedor C. Strahl, Hans Jürgen Streitz, Emil Wahl, Kurt Weigel, Alfred Zepfel