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Information for Architects and Building Planners

Windows and facades. These are two areas in which architects and building planners invest a lot of time, as they determine the "face" of all buildings. For companies, they are often the means of choice for presenting the corporate design to the outside world - quite often with eye-catching colors. As a result, they are even in the area of conflict between architecture and marketing.

Aluminium, steel and galvanized steel are very popular in these areas of use. In most cases, these materials are coated by using coating powders or liquid paint.

But regardless of whether you decide to use powder coatings or to use liquid paint, there are many aspects to consider. Planning goes far beyond the choice of color. All parameters of the environmental conditions to which a building or a construction is exposed must also be considered.

We would like to help you with this topic, because we at the GSB are committed to the quality assurance of such coatings and thereby to the value preservation of buildings. In this section of our homepage you will find all information relevant to architects and planners on the subject of coatings. The aim is that you will receive a coating specially tailored to your planned project at the end of the planning process.

For us, quality goes hand in hand with certifiable sustainability. Because only if a coating permanently meets high ecological, visual and qualitative standards an investment in the construction sector is both sustainable and low-risk.

In all our activities concerning the quality assurance of coatings, environmental protection and responsible use of resources are at the top of the agenda.